The Westwaters

Well, here we are! This is my online photo album. Enjoy!


Family Photos:

  • My son, Bob,with Alan and his son:
  • My daughter, Gisela, with Edwina at John's wedding:
  • My brothers, Alan, and John and me:
  • Alan and his wife, Marcia:
  • Alan, with our sister, Alice, and cousins Diane & Carol:

    1. One of my big hobbies are my airplanes (N489P, N8306T & N5384R & N99341).

    2. My Cherokee 140 at 3FK:
    3. Gisela, Marilyn, and I with the plane:
    4. Picture 1 of N489P after she was painted:
    5. Side view of N489P after she was painted:
    6. Front view of N489P after she was painted:
    7. Picture of our Cessna 175C:
    8. Another view of my Cessna:
    9. Picture of Bobby in another view of my Cessna:
    10. Picture of the Cessna in the hanger:
    11. Real nice picture of Bobby in the Cessna:
    12. My Son Bobby & I in front of our airplane:
    13. N5384R - Cessna 172F:
    14. N99341 - 1985 Cessna 172P @ HFY:
    15. N99341 - 1985 Cessna 172P @ 3I1:
    16. N99341 - 1985 Cessna 172P and Bobby:
    17. N99341 - 1985 Cessna 172P @BAK:


        Birthday Party:

        Trip to California:

        Louisa's visit to Indy 

        Tante Toni

        West Point X-Mas Trip.

        Kodak Camera Pictures .

        Here are Bobby & Chris (a friend of Gisela's).

        A video of Helmut's 60th birthday.

        A 16mm movie of Alan and me, made in about 1950.

        A video of Gisela's Wedding.


        This was at a ceremony after being nominated in May, 1995 for Federal Employee of the Year!

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