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The Westwaters

M-27 Dumbell Nebula

Welcome to Bob Westwater's Home page!

Included in these pages are things I enjoy.

Amateur Radio, Astronomy, and Flying

An Article and Photo of my daughter, Gisela,
courtesy of the Pointer View, U.S. Military Academy at West Point

My Observatory and Related Astro Photos.

Pictures taken with My Meade 14" LX200GPS Telescope.

Most especially, there are my family and friends' pictures.

and Wedding pictures of Gisela.

Then here are Pictures from My Digital camera / iPhone.

Then here are Movies from My Digital camera / iPhone.

My Trip in November 2004 to Germany, the Czeck and Slavic Republics.

Here is Scruffy riding our Harley-Davidson.

What is My IP address?

Here are some of Elfriede's Favorite Recipes

The Ark of the Covenant Found in Jerusalem? Buried in Golgotha Below Where Christ was Crucified?

and here is a statement of God's That He Sprinkled Christ's Blood on the Mercy Seat for you!

And then there are the Essene Gospels Of Peace

Link to Love Letters from Christ: You shall know the tree by it's Fruit.

The Holy Bible Douay-Rheims

I really enjoy talking over the HAM radio. My call letters are

But, working on the radio isn't the only thing I enjoy doing. You should consider checking out some of my links!

N9BK's Tower
My Resume.

n9bk@yahoo.com   My Family Tree.